Installing Disqus add-ons

Installing add-ons from Visual Studio

Starting from version 1.2.0, Disqus for EPiServer packages can be installed from Visual Studio.

Make sure that is added as a NuGet source and episerver.packaging@installationMode is set to Code in web.config. See details in developer guide.

You can find packages by searching for “disqus”.

Disqus packages

Add-ons are installed under /modules site directory. Disqus comments configuration UI add-on is deployed under /modules/_protected sub-folder since it is protected add-on and should be accessed only by the authorized users within WebEditors or WebAdmins roles by default.

Folder structure

Installing add-ons from the user interface

Make sure that episerver.packaging@installationMode is set to UI in web.config. SeeĀ details in developer guide.

Click Install to get add-ons deployed on your website.

Disqus integration add-ons

Click Restart the site to complete installation if asked.

Define shortname and enable Disqus comments on website after installing add-ons. Please see Configuring Disqus comments section for more information.

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