Segments in Profile Store and Insight

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This blogpost introduces segments and describes how segments can be managed using Profile Store API and Insight. Using segments in CMS personalization and in Intelligent Campaign is outlined. What is segment A segment is a dynamic collection of visitor profiles that match certain criteria. Defining a segment is defining conditions or filters that profiles should

Customizing how statistics tracking scripts are loaded on pages when using EPiServer Find


Find injects 2 scripts on site pages in order to track search statistics. By default these scripts are requested from EPiServer CDN. In certain scenarios developer may need to tweak how tracking scripts are added on pages. Prerequisites EPiServer Find 8.10.x.x or later version packages should be installed on website. Loading Find tracking scripts on

Disqus for EPiServer


Let me introduce Disqus for EPiServer, a Disqus comments integration for EPiServer-based websites. The module consists of two add-ons which enable discussions on pages and provide user interface for configuration. Now Disqus for EPiServer add-ons are available in the Third-Party Add-ons section in the official EPiServer Add-on Store. Enabling Disqus comments There are several ways

Dependencies and versioning for EPiServer add-ons


One of the most challenging problems that the Add-on system should solve is handling a lot of dependencies between different products. Site owners want to be sure that installed add-ons are compatible with the current environment. Add-on authors (developers, partners and EPiServer) want to release new product versions and make the upgrade easy for customers.

Fixing block rendering issues in Alloy Templates for EPiServer 7


New Alloy templates package for EPiServer 7 is a good example of building adaptive site and using new EPiServer features like shared blocks. It implements custom content area rendering to arrange blocks in rows and fill all available space depending on current browser size. There is couple of known issues related to these rendering tricks.