Disqus for EPiServer 7.5+

Disqus for EPiServer 1.1 is available in the official EPiServer Add-on Store.

This add-on enables Disqus comments on web sites based on EPiServer CMS 7.5 and later versions.

Go to Third-Party Add-ons section on your site, install Disqus add-ons, set your shortname and start adding comments on your site pages!

Disqus Comments     Disqus Comments Settings

This release is just a rebuild for current EPiServer platform, it includes number of minor fixes for Edit and Preview modes and doesn’t contain new features.

System requirements

EPiServer CMS 7.5 and later versions. Technically add-on is rebuild with EPiServer packages 7.6.2 and smoke tested with EPiServer 7.5.394.2 (first released 7.5 version) and EPiServer 7.19.1 (latest update available on December 23 2014).

MVC and WebForms sites are supported.

More information

Please refer documentation on the project page.

Source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to report issues, ask questions and share any feedback.

What’s next

The plan is to release new version that will provide a better support of EPiServer Commerce and make it possible to install Disqus add-on as a NuGet package in Visual Studio. Hopefully in Q1, definitely in 2015. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!

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