EPiServer CMO components and simple installation scenario


Running EPiServerCMO.msi you get CMO installed to EPiServer CMS module folder, by default it is C:\Program Files (x86)\EPiServer\CMS\6.1.379.0\Install\Modules\CMO2.1.0.93. Now it can be installed on specific web site using Deployment Center. Installation instructions for EPiServer CMO 2 R2 pretty well describe simple deployment model with the one front server. By default all CMO components are deployed

Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2011


Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2011 took place at KTH Forum in Kista, Stockholm. Main topics were HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js Sessions: 1. Making Games in HTML5 by Paul Lewis (@aerotwist). Overview of basic problems, possible solutions and recommendations for game makers. Drawing, canvas, sound, physics and performance. Really interesting demos of using web cam

Solving issue “405.0 – Method Not Allowed” when accessing WebDAV folder


Problem Using EPiServer WebDAV you can face with following issue: after setting up WebDAV in EPiServer CMS and client configuration you still cannot access your web folder. Depending on client software you can get different error messages. Windows explorer says that it cannot access your resource and suggests to check name spelling. Other clients return