Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2011

Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2011 took place at KTH Forum in Kista, Stockholm. Main topics were HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js


1. Making Games in HTML5 by Paul Lewis (@aerotwist).
Overview of basic problems, possible solutions and recommendations for game makers. Drawing, canvas, sound, physics and performance. Really interesting demos of using web cam and accelerometer as an input in the browser. Slides. Game demo. A3 engine from Paul.

2. RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components by Anders Magnus Andersen (@andmag)
Techniques and ideas to make web site adaptable to user devices and environment using client and server side solutions. One of the most important topics today. Slides.

3. Mobile UI Design – Web or Native by Johannes Fahrenkrug (@jfahrenkrug)
Probably the most provoking presentation of the day. Yep, cross-platform UIs suck. But it works on the web, if you don’t mimic native. However, if you are targeting the store – go native. Slides.

4. CSS in the 4th dimension: Not your daddy’s CSS animations by Lea Verou (@LeaVerou)
Chaining CSS3/4 transitions and animations. Live coding and cool demos. Find more goodies on Prefix free library from Lea.

5. Do’s and Don’ts of Web Analytics by Christoffer Luthman (@christofferlut)
Tips and tricks for Google Analytics and  Website Optimizer. Less technical and more marketing oriented presentation.

6. Node.js for fun, power and profit by Charlie Robbins (@indexzero)
About node.js in general,, open source and monetizing models. Slides.

7. Application development in the cloud by Sergi Mansilla (@sergimansilla)
Cloud 9 vs. Eclipse is just like Google Docs vs. MS Office. Web based IDE for node.js, Ruby and PHP development. Slides.

8. Testing Ikebana by Jonas Nicklas (@jonicklas)
Another hot topic is testing JavaScript code and writing it testable. Blaming jQuery. Quick tips: isolate DOM, event bindings and AJAX requests; mock only the code that is written by you.
Next time it would be great to see the real example, where spaghetti code is refactored and tested.
Capybara – test framework from Jonas.

9. Distributed HTML5 apps with CouchDB by Max Ogden (@maxogden)
Internet, cats and

All videos are available on SWDC sessions page.

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