Configuring Disqus comments

Using Disqus Admin interface

Please review settings for your site in Disqus Admin. Check that shortname is correct. Navigate to Settings / Advanced and make sure that your site domain and/or machine name in testing environment are defined in Trusted Domains list. Follow Best practices for staging, development and preview sites.

Configuring Disqus comments on a site

Disqus configuration user interface can be accessed after installing Disqus comments configuration UI add-on using a link in the global navigation menu.

General Disqus Settings

 General Disqus settings

Disqus shortname

Disqus shortname is an identifier for your site in Disqus system. Sign up on, register your site and choose a shortname.

Use different short names for different sites. Create separate shortnames for sites in development, test and staging environments. Follow Disqus recommendations.

Enabling Disqus on a site

Use Enable Disqus on a site setting to turn on and off comments on a public site. 

Disqus comments are displayed on pages when this option is set. Uncheck this option to hide comments on a site. Disqus blocks are available in Edit UI regardless of this option.

Disqus Admin Links

This section provides quick links to Disqus administration and moderation interface where you can manage comments and discussions on your website.

Disqus Admin quick links

Adding Disqus on pages in rendering areas

It is possible to add Disqus comments in specific rendering areas defined in content templates. Define the names of renderings areas where comments threads should be displayed. Specify one area per line.

Adding Disqus comments in rendering areas

Please refer to EPiServer SDK for more information about rendering areas and managing client resources.

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