Disqus for EPiServer

Let me introduce Disqus for EPiServer, a Disqus comments integration for EPiServer-based websites. The module consists of two add-ons which enable discussions on pages and provide user interface for configuration.

Now Disqus for EPiServer add-ons are available in the Third-Party Add-ons section in the official EPiServer Add-on Store.

Enabling Disqus comments

There are several ways to display Disqus comments on pages:

Dropping Disqus comments block on a page     Disqus comments on a page

Configuration UI and Edit mode extensions

Configuration user interface allows to edit Disqus settings for the current website and provides quick links to moderation tools in Disqus Admin.

Disqus comments settings     Issue indication

Edit UI extensions help to work with Disqus blocks when editing a content. Warnings are displayed when Disqus configuration is not complete or there are problematic blocks on the current page. These indicators are not rendered in view mode.

Basic installation scenario

  1. Signup on Disqus and choose a shortname for the site
  2. Install Disqus for EPiServer add-ons
  3. Set shortname and enable discussions on website using Disqus configuration UI.
  4. Start adding Disqus comments on pages.

System requirements

EPiServer 7.x.x CMS, Add-on system (EPiServer.Packaging). EPiServer UI Platform (Shell) is required to install configuration UI and Edit mode extensions.

MVC and WebForms sites are supported. EPiServer 7 Patch 3 is required on MVC sites.

More information

Please refer documentation on the project page.

Source code and feedback

Source code is available on GitHub.

Feel free to report bugs, ask questions and request features on GitHub or here in comments. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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